Sherwood Location

Office Managers

David, your storage professional and facility manager, will ensure that you get the best service ever! His experience allows him to accurately determine your needs and he can answer any question you might have. The office is open 7 days a week to ensure that we can meet your every need.

Keypad Access
Keypad & Gate

Once you've rented your unit, you only have to enter your personal passcode into our electronic gate system to get in! No waiting for someone to come open the gate and no security risks by passing keys out to everybody!

Security Camera
Security Cameras

Our state of the art security system includes over 16 Video surveillance cameras that record continuously! They cover every drive and hallway so you can rest assured your belongings are always being watched!

Metal Fencing

Unlike many storage places, we use 9-foot tall solid metal fences. Not only do they block some of the blowing dirt Texas is famous for but they keep the criminal element from watching from across the street as you store your possessions! Your privacy is important to us!

Dust and Climate Controlled Storage
Dust and Climate Control

If you have fragile, expensive or temperature sensitive items you wish to store, we can help protect them also with our dust-controlled and climate controlled units. Ask one of our storage experts if you need this level of protection!