Moving Tips

Choosing a Storage Facility

The things you choose to store might be like a few of the finds in shows like Storage Wars and bring a pretty penny when priced by a professional. But most likely, the old things you stuff into boxes and haul off to a storage unit aren't worth a whole a lot. Not to other people. It's the sentimental value of your belongings which brings them the most worth.

Choosing the right storage facility is an important decision. Many  improvements have been made from the days of "mom and pop" mini-warehouse set-ups. Advanced security systems that include electronic security gates and numerous surveillance cameras, the addition of Dust-Controlled and Climate-Controlled units, and FREE moving trailer services make self-storage facilities much more secure and convenient than in earlier years.

There are several things to look for when shopping for a storage facility. We want you to make the right decision and we're here to help you by offering a few tips:

  • A facility should have at least 16 video surveillance cameras. Anything less is not adequate coverage for a medium to large facility.
  • Choose a facility with solid metal or brick fences rather than chain-link fences. This will keep potential thieves from "casing" your unit while you load it plus provides some protection from blowing dirt.
  • Always visit the facility before renting if at all possible. Look at driveways . . . are they well kept, or full of potholes? Are they dirt and gravel or concrete/asphalt? Look for signs of water damage. What about dust build-up? Is the place well cared-for? Do the chain link fences show signs of intruders climbing over them? Are there any other customers around you could talk to? See what they think.
  • Is the facility accessible when you need access? Are gate hours liberal or are there limitations on when you can get to your belongings? Do they charge extra for 24-hour access?
  • Does the facility offer a variety of sizes so that you don't have to pay for extra space that you don't need?
  • Do they carry the moving supplies you are going to need for your convenience?
  • Do they take credit cards, offer long-term discounts, offer automatic credit-card billing, provide free moving trailers, etc?