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DescriptionMonthly RateRent Unit

5x5 - Size of: A Small Coat Closet


This unit can hold several boxes, a chest of drawers, file cabinet, and other small items. Great for college students who need to store their dorm stuff over the summer.

  • $42.00-Drive-up

  • $49.00-Dust-controlled

  • $60.00-Climate-controlled

5x10 - Size of: A Walk-in Closet


A little larger unit, this one can hold the furnishings from an efficiency apartment or from a typical office suite. It can hold about 100 file boxes.

  • $56.00-Drive-up

  • $62.00-Dust-controlled

  • $81.00-Climate-controlled

8x10 - Size of: A Kid's Bedroom


This unit can hold the contents of a small one bedroom home or apartment. It has apacity to hold 180 business large file boxes.

  • $72.00-Drive-up

  • $80.00-Dust-controlled

  • $101.00-Climate-controlled

10x10 - Size of: 1/2 of A One-car Garage


A little bit larger, this unit can hold contents of a standard one bedroom home or apartment--including appliances--or a two-office suite. Capacity to hold 200 file boxes.

  • $80.00-Drive-up

  • $90.00-Dust-controlled

  • $115.00-Climate-controlled

10x15 - Size of: 3/4 of A One-car Garage


This unit's great if you're storing a lot of furniture. It can hold the furnishings of a two bedroom home or apartment. Can hold rolls of carpeting, equipment and tools for your business.

  • $97.00-Drive-up

  • $106.00-Dust-controlled

  • $175.00-Climate-controlled

10x20 - Size of: One-car Garage


This large unit can hold the furnishings of a two bedroom house or a three or four bedroom apartment. It can even hold or a car or a truck.

  • $119.00-Drive-up

  • $128.00-Dust-controlled

  • $204.00-Climate-controlled

10x25 - Size of: One-car Garage


This little extra space allows you to store some furnishings with your vehicle, or the contents of a three bedroom house or a three or four bedroom apartment.

  • $134.00-Drive-up

  • $225.00-Climate-controlled

10x30 - Size of: 1 1/2 Car Garage


In our largest unit, you can store a three bedroom home worth of items. You can also fit a boat, or you can use this unit as a small warehouse for construction or retail businesses.

  • $146.00-Drive-up